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This fish is insane. He keeps growing and growing and eats everything he saw. He upgrades his all parts of the body like jaws, spine, and even a torpedo. But watch out for the sharks and crocodiles, you're gonna be eaten by them. And also, there is a giant octopus waiting for you and ready to eat you. But fear not, because you're a Pyranha


Press space to swim
avoid the rocks
eats fishes and humans


Cheat :
1. igotakey        unlock all objectives
2. imyourgod     invincible for last 20 seconds
3. sabertooth    doubled the jaws ability
4. bloodseeker  doubled every blood
5. population     more fish appear
6. sharkattack   less shark appear
7. imlikemario   slow move
8. lamborgini     fast move



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